Tailored Memories/定制的回忆 | YEAR: 2014

Tailored Memories

The concept of "the here and now" in photography injects a unique charm into this art medium, setting it apart from the rest. However, "staged photography" based on memories, essentially akin to painting, should be more appropriately termed "imagery." Despite this, we still yearn for imagery to possess a production quality similar to photographs, as we are obsessed with the credibility of photos, believing that imagery, which comes infinitely close to "photography," should have the same magical fidelity to facts, ensuring its eternal preservation. Nevertheless, imagery is ultimately not strictly photography in the truest sense; it is more like a reshaped, customized scenario memory, presented in a poetic and camouflaged manner, and we delude ourselves into believing that it can endure forever.

In this autobiographical imagery project, uniforms customized with luminescent materials serve as the sole source of light in the photographs. The light paints out a segment of our past, allowing memories to gradually develop in the darkness. At this moment, although we still use the term "photography" to categorize these works, they no longer fall under the traditional photography category of "documentation" but instead resemble a memory-based "commemoration" ritual.




Work Title: Tailored Memories
Work Dimension:110cm x 110cm or 150cm x 150cm
Edition: 3+1AP
作品尺寸:110cm x 110cm 或 150cm x 150cm
版号: 3+1AP