The Ghost's Statement/幽灵陈述 | YEAR: 2019 ~ Now

The Ghost's Statement

"photography is always of the world: its boundaries establish the image as a fragment cropped from that continuous expanse which is the world’s own extension." - Stanley Cavell

Just as in literature, there inevitably existed a "hidden author" behind photographic works who had relinquished the objective sociological significance of photography and had become a purely subjective narrator, making statements to another "hidden reader." In this photographic project, I attempted to present a ghostly "hidden author" who had possessed and driven my photography. To achieve this, I had specially modified an infrared camera for some of the work. Inspired by Stanley Cavell's "The World Viewed" (1979), this project is an exploration of how the world is portrayed in two different mediums: photography and film.


“摄影永远属于这个世界:它的边界将图像确立为从连续的广阔中裁剪出来的碎片,这是世界自身的延伸。” - 斯坦利·卡维尔


Work Title: The Ghost's Statement
Year:2019 ~ Now
Work Dimension:depends on work
Edition: 3+1AP
年份:2019 ~ 至今
版号: 3+1AP

From June 2003 to February 2015, there were eight consecutive murder cases in the eastern Chinese city of Y. The killer deliberately chose "fashionable" young women (a claim later confirmed by the police to have no basis) as targets, with most of the crimes occurring at night. The modus operandi often involved stalking and direct entry into the victims' residences, followed by the disposal of the bodies in forests or on beaches. Despite citywide fingerprint checks, blood tests for DNA, and other methods employed by the Y city police, they had been unable to find the real culprit until August 2016 when suspect Z was arrested following a chance DNA match.

In court, Z stated that he had a basic education, was unmarried, and lived alone in the outskirts of the city. He had worked as a museum guard, a delivery person, and a security guard at an upscale club to support his young children. He also mentioned his sole source of joy in life - using a modified infrared camera to track and photograph young women he encountered at night. This infrared camera had become his "eyes," allowing him to see a world imperceptible to ordinary people. When women discovered and refused to be photographed, his anger escalated, and he used a small axe he carried with him to kill them. He confessed to all eight murder cases.

In 2018, Z was sentenced to death with a deprivation of political rights for life in the first-instance trial. On April 3, 2019, in accordance with the approval of the Supreme People's Court, Z was executed in Y city at the age of 44. Due to concerns about being imitated, this case did not receive extensive coverage from the Chinese media from start to finish.


Z在法庭上表示自己文化程度为初中,单身,独自租住在城市郊区。他曾从事博物馆的门卫、快递员和高级会所的保安等工作以维持养育年幼子女的生计。他还提到了生活中唯一的乐趣 - 使用经改装的红外摄像机跟踪和拍摄他在夜晚偶遇的年轻女性,这台红外相机已成为他的“眼睛”,使他能看到常人无法察觉的世界。当有女性发觉并拒绝被拍摄时,他则愈发愤怒,用随身携带的一把斧头将她们杀害。他对8起杀人案供认不讳。